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We do not  know when, what or who is contacting us -  we only know we are being contacted through our numbers.

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You are not alone!  People from all over the world are experiencing this phenomena!

The other night I was in bed sleeping and I suddenly sat up on my elbow to see what time it was and it was 4:24 am. I was
in a dead sleep and I can't even answer my own question....why!

I was watching a show on TV I think it was CSI and they went to a room and on the door was the number 424. I just couldn't
believe it, out of all the numbers they could have chosen it was mine.

Maybe that's when I'll die. I had to drive my son's vehicle home from Seattle a few weeks ago, and while driving I noticed
the battery light coming on, sounds started dinging,  I didn't know what the flashing meant.  I looked over at the clock and
it was 4:24 PM. At 8:24PM the vehicle went totally dead and it lost all power, brakes. All I was thinking is I need to get to
Missoula 75 miles away.  I was stranded on top of a bad mountain pass, with no electric, in a construction zone,
with only the width of the jeep to park, and my cell phone went dead when I called 911.

Thank God or my angel for me breaking down where I did because I was feet away from starting the down hill ride.
No one was stopping, and I had no emergency kit, nothing!! I grabbed a piece of paper and started using it as a flag
to get someone to stop. Finally someone did. My bill was 242.00 for the tow..

What in the world is going on. I read other stories about it being a sign from an angel. That night mine was with me
because the place the vehicle was parked I walked across a ditch to the other side of the road that was under
construction to keep myself safe and away from the jeep. I thought for sure the vehicle would be hit, seriously
that's how close I was to the passing semi's, and vehicles. I want everyone to know who submits their story to this
website is giving some of us some sanity. Because knowing there are others were not alone.

Maybe we should see about starting a chat room once a week. If any of you would be interested send us an email
and we'll see about setting one up in yahoo, or AIM. O, the cables came off the battery that's why I lost all the power.


I have  come to a few conclusions regarding this recurring number phenomena. The first being I believe no one just picks
a number, it comes to us, and follows us it's like were in a circle. Second I feel we all agree there is meaning behind our
own recurring number, and lastly we all want answers as to why we see "our" number(s) and finding an answer.
There's so many different strategies we all could come up with. 

My thinking it could be from the Bible, Astrology, Nostradamus
I also believe in after life.  Could "our" numbers be from
the past.  Could our soul  that was given to us at birth have had something happen in their lives before they expired? Did
our soul have the same number, is it something that's followed us over into our life time? I'm relieved to know there's others
out there that believe like I do that having a recurring number means something and doesn't making us freaks. I tell people
my story and they just roll their eyes like . . . OKAY. . . sure.

I have been seeing my number 424 a lot while working and I don't stop to think about it, nor say to my self "gee, there it
is again."  I keep working trying to ignore it, but it appears anyways through out the day. I have to say I work with numbers
all day long 5 days a week. I think when I see my number come up in a calculation is strange, needing a file, or a form or a
date of service and it just  happens to equal or be in 4-24 folder.

This website is for those of us who are interested in finding an answer to recurring numbers in our lives. We also want to
get the word out to others.   If you have found this website then you are one of us and a welcomed friend. thank you for

submitting your story, and please pass the word to your family, friends, strangers who may have this unusual phenomena!

Donations are welcomed to keep this site up and running, and would be very much appreciated.

Don't forget to post your comments as well as your story.

Ann . 424,  Founder

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